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3M™ Sun Control Window Film

3M™ Sun Control Window Film for Commercial Buildings Installed by Columbia Filters

Here at Columbia Filters, Sun Control Window Films are among the most popular we install in commercial buildings throughout NYC and the Tri-state area. That’s because they are not only worker-friendly in providing comfort evenly around a room, but they reduce glare as well, making workstations more productive by making them more comfortable. Providing an abundance of natural light in your buildings is a great way to conserve energy, too. The lights stay off for longer, if they go on at all! But sunlight can have its downside, and can create excessive heat and uncomfortable hot spots. It can fade furnishings and artwork, and create computer screen glare as well. Without proper filtration, harmful UV rays can enter the workplace creating a hazard for some. Whether your buildings are high-rise or low-rise or street-level retail or office, whether an atrium, conservatory or skylight application, 3M™ Sun Control Window Film can help control energy costs and provide tenants with a safer, more comfortable working environment.

A building that is safe, comfortable, energy-efficient and visually pleasing can mean happier tenants for greater retention, potentially higher lease prices, and a more more robust building environment and bottom line for you. You can now control sunlight on your terms with various 3M Sun Control Window Film products installed by Columbia Filters. Consider making building envelope improvements before investing in major HVAC system upgrades to address issues that commercial window film can solve. These films, in sum, are designed to provide:

• Fast paybacks. Return on investment can be captured in as short as three years by way of reduced energy bills

• Increased tenant comfort, improving upon hot spots, glare and cold spots, too

• Enhanced privacy depending on the film series

• UV and fade protection to shield furnishing, carpets and artwork from damage by direct and continuous sunlight day after day

Columbia Filters Installs Three Different 3M™ Sun Control Window Film Products

Prestige Series Sun Control Window Film Uses Nano-Technology
Clearly superior, the Prestige Series window films use non-metalized nano-technology to create reflectivity that’s actually lower than glass. Retail displays shine, and views out of windows remain true to life because the only thing they’ll see day or night, inside or out, is the window itself. These spectrally-selective films reject up to 97% of the sun’s heat-producing infrared light and 99.9% of UV rays to keep you cool, comfortable and protected.

Ceramic Series Sun Control Window Film for Clarity and UV Blocking 
Amazing clarity. An advanced ceramics composition allows these films to maintain their color and appearance over their lifetime. The Ceramic Series provides amazing window clarity while rejecting up to 80% of the sun’s heat-producing infrared light while blocking 99% of UV rays, all with low reflectivity.

Night Vision Series 
Low interior reflectivity is the hallmark of our Night Vision Series. That means daytime privacy inbound from outsiders while allowing easier viewing through your windows to the outside at night. Night Vision film allows up to 35% of the visible light through your windows helping to block the sun’s damaging UV rays and control heat and glare. Medium to dark versions of this film also provide privacy so passerbys won’t be able to see into your building during the day.

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