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3M™ Fasara™ Residential Decorative Window Film

3M™ Fasara™ Residential Decorative Window Film When Privacy with an Artful Touch of  is a Good Looking Option for Your Home.

The advantages of etched, cut, frosted, sandblasted, textured and other decorative glass designs are in their customizable forms, and privacy component as well.  But the cost to etch or sandblast, frost or texturize can be costly if not time-consuming and complicated. You wouldn’t want to do it yourself. So why not turn to 3M™ Fasara™ Residential Decorative Window Film with 3M™ Crystal Window Finishes installed by Columbia Filters. These residential decorative home window films are affordable and achieve precisely the decorative, customizable privacy you might wish for your residence. Consider the possibilities in these areas around your house:

Entry Doors • Bathroom Doors • Shower Doors • Interior Doors • Partitions  Rec Rooms • Garage Door Windows

What makes 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes a Better Choice Than Etched or Frosted Glass for Your Home?

Aesthetics: Our decorative glass and window films transform plain glass, capturing the look of cut or texturized glass to an astonishing degree at a fraction of the price.

Flexibility: Fasara™ Glass Finishes allow you to tailor the amount of privacy a space possesses in any area around your house.

Easy Application: 3M™ expertise in adhesives ensures you of fast, accurate, beautiful and durable application to a variety of glass substrates around your house or aparment

Durable Film Materials: Constructed from durable and flexible polyester 3M™ materials.

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