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Polysorb Activated Carbon Media

A Proprietary Filtering Media

Columbus Industries provides a proprietary filtering media called POLY-SORB®. POLY-SORB® uses a polyester substrate that is coated with the high quality activated carbon using our proprietary process. Filters made from this material are very effective in light duty applications.

We have perfected the process of incorporating high quality activated carbon into the filtering bed.

Common Uses
• Air Purifiers
• Pet/Aquarium Filters
• Evaporative Humidifier Market
• Odor/VOC Control
• Water Filtration
• Range Hood/OTR Market
• HVAC Filtration

• 2 ply synthetic construction for optimum dust holding and removal of a wide range of nuisance odors
• 16-18 grams of carbon per square foot
• Holds up to 30% of its weight in odors
• Low resistance
• Readily available in linked panels

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