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High Efficiency HEPA Replacement Air Filters

Filters that are 95% (or better) on 0.3 Micron

Micro-Cell Series filters provide 95% initial efficiency on 0.3-micron particles. These replacement air filters were developed specifically for hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants (Mushroom Growers), laboratories or precision manufacturing plants that require a high level of filtrations.
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HEPA's for Air Handlers

Tri-Pure 2000 High Flow HEPA air filters utilizes V-Bank construction to maximize airflow, minimize resistance thereby extending the service life and reducing energy consumption. The Tri-Pure 2000 High Flow HEPA can offer these advantages because it has approximately 400 square feet of media due to its V-Bank configuration.
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HEPA's for Clean Rooms

Tri-Dim Filter Corporation’s Tri-Pure HEPA/ULPA Ducted Disposable Terminal Modules are designed for use in clean room applications where a compact footprint and high-efficiency filtration are needed. Applications include medical, pharmaceutical, microelectronics as well as other cleanroom disciplines.
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