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Extended Surface Bag and Box Filters

Extended Surface Bag Filters

Columbia Filters offers a wide variety of Tri-Dim Bag Filters for commercial and industrial applications to meet your budget and performance requirements. The options include Tri-Dim’s Syn-Pac XLII extended surface bag filter, which uses an exclusive hybrid media to overcome the problem of efficiency degradation.
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Extended Surface Box Filters

Tri-Cell ASHRAE rated rigid air filter offers high efficiency filtration for a building’s HVAC system designed for use in “variable air volume” and turbulent systems. Tri-Dim’s method of sealing the media pack to the supporting frame prevents the possibility of particulate migration. Contact Columbia for more information.
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V-Cell Extended Surface Box Filters

ULTRA media is a new generation of media. This box filter system offers unmatched and innovative performance with MERV 16+ efficiency with ultra low resistance to create a new industry benchmark for efficiency and energy savings.
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Thin Line Filters

The ULTRA X2 offers a compact design and advanced media. This combination of design and media offers a 2” deep filter that has the performance that in the past has only been available in traditional high efficiency rigid and bag filters.
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