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Tri-Pleat Pleated Air Filters

The Tri-Pleat Series is available in a variety of styles, thicknesses, and efficiencies to meet the needs of your demanding applications. The Tri-Dim Tri-Pleat is available in a HT configuration for high temperature applications.
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Tri-Cube Cube Filters

Tri-Dim Tri-Cube offers all the benefits of Tri-Dek® panels and links with the added benefit of extended surface area. The versatile Tri-Cube employs a unique combination of 2, 3, or 4-ply configurations – and are now available in efficiencies up to MERV 13.
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Tri-Dek® Panel and Link Filters

Mr. John Stanley founded Tri-Dim with the vision of a media specifically designed for air filtration – thus the origin of Tri-Dek®. Tri-Dek® is a multi-denier, depth loading synthetic media that has been constructed into a self-supporting panel filter that offers an excellent alternative to pleated pre-filters.
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Various Prefilters

Tri-Dim offers a complete line of HVAC air filtration products – here are some additional prefilter products that do not fit into the other categories including disposables, washables, cartridges, rolls, and more.
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